Planning for a no-deal Brexit


Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies are urging all businesses in Scotland to continue to actively prepare for a no-deal Brexit. Act now to ensure you have the right contingency plans in place, deal or no deal, to protect your business, supply chain and customers.

Follow these steps to build business resilience

Step 1


Unsure how a no-deal Brexit will impact your business?

Use our free self-assessment tool. It will help you identify the areas to consider to prepare for Brexit. 7 steps and 7 minutes is all it takes.

Step 2


No time to spare?

Despite ongoing uncertainty, there are quick essential actions that your business should be taking now to ensure you're in the strongest position possible to adapt quickly and thrive. 

Step 3


Need some help?

Our Brexit Support Grant will provide up to £4,000 to help you manage a wide range of Brexit impacts.

Find out if you're eligible, what the grant can be used for, and how to apply.

How Scottish businesses are preparing for Brexit

James Robertson headshot

James Robertson, founder of Isle of Skye Candles Company, is using the Brexit Support Grant to target new markets

"The Brexit Support Grant will help us adapt our plans for international growth by funding trade visits to the USA and Switzerland."
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James Bream headshot

James Bream, general manager of Katoni Engineering, is using the Brexit Support Grant to train staff and reduce risk

"We’ll be investing in staff training, consultancy and legal support as well as visiting suppliers and clients critical to our growth. These trips will allow us to listen to views and plan more robustly."
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"The self-assessment tool highlights some important questions which businesses must address, coupled with guidance on where they can turn to for support and review latest announcements."

Kevin Shakespeare, Institute of Export

Hannah Fisher, co-founder of The Start-Up Drinks Lab

Hannah Fisher, co-founder of The Start-Up Drinks Lab is building resilience in the business early to ensure supply chain continuity

"We've already taken actions to prepare for Brexit including bulk buying glass bottles. We've also accelerated our expansion into canning facilities so we can adapt quickly to opportunities."
Colin Macdonald, Commercial Director, Rivet Games

Colin Macdonald, commercial director of Rivet Games is using the Brexit Support Grant to get consultancy support his company needs

"With uncertainty around Brexit, we are keen to investigate and establish new business partners and models in order to diversify our risks."
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“This is an excellent website that my clients will find very useful. As well as being easy to access, it also suggests points for action which are tailored towards specific business needs. This is extremely helpful as it provides direction for business in the face of continued uncertainty and a much needed prompt for businesses in Scotland to prepare for Brexit.”

Jamie Kerr, Partner at Burness Paull LLP

Got a Brexit planning question?

Get in touch with our export advisers for full details of how we can help your business grow in EU markets and beyond.