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Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies are urging all businesses in Scotland to continue to actively prepare for changes taking place in January 2021 following the EU transition (Brexit) period. Up-to-date advice and support will be available on this website.

Act now to ensure your business and supply chain can adapt to the changing business environment

Latest updates

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What does the Brexit transition period mean for your business?

Find out what will happen during and after the transition period and how your business can adapt to change.


No time to spare?

Despite ongoing uncertainty, there are quick essential actions that your business should be taking now to ensure you're in the strongest position possible to adapt quickly and thrive. 


Appoint a customs agent to support your business through the EU transition period (Brexit).

If your business doesn't have the right resources to make customs declarations, you can hire outside help to ease the process. 

“This is an excellent website that my clients will find very useful. As well as being easy to access, it also suggests points for action which are tailored towards specific business needs. This is extremely helpful as it provides direction for business in the face of continued uncertainty and a much needed prompt for businesses in Scotland to prepare for Brexit.”

Jamie Kerr, Partner at Burness Paull LLP

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