Brexit planning for businesses in Scotland

Start planning

Use this self-assessment tool and downloadable report as a general guide on things to consider to prepare your business for Brexit. It takes around 6 minutes to complete. 

We’ll direct you to resources, advice, events and services to help you develop your plans, but professional advice should always be sought.

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Essential actions

Our advice is to plan for a no-deal Brexit. To help mitigate the risks there are certain actions businesses need to take well before the Brexit deadline of 29 March.

If you don’t act now you risk severe disruption to your business operation.

Know what actions you need to take now to reduce any risks.

Financial support

Financial support and advice is available to help small to medium enterprises in Scotland prepare for Brexit.

Our Brexit Support Grant will provide up to £4,000 to help you manage a wide range of Brexit impacts.

Find out if you're eligible, what the grant can be used for, and how to apply.

“This is an excellent website that my clients will find very useful. As well as being easy to access, it also suggests points for action which are tailored towards specific business needs. This is extremely helpful as it provides direction for business in the face of continued uncertainty and the tool acts as a much needed prompt for businesses in Scotland to prepare for Brexit.”

Jamie Kerr, Partner at Burness Paull LLP