Brexit resources and guidance

Handy links to free support and advice from partner organisations, plus a range of resources to help you prepare your business for Brexit.

Guidance from public sector and partner organisations in Scotland and the UK Government

Christene Leiper, managing director, Onorach Ltd

Christene Leiper, managing director of Dundee-based Onorach Ltd is using the Brexit Support Grant to gather insight on how Brexit will impact employing EU citizens.

"We have used the Brexit Support Grant for consultancy fees. Having knowledge of the effect of employing EU citizens has helped us mitigate uncertainties and allow us to progress forward."
Peter Sunderland, director, Instrmnt Ltd

Peter Sunderland, director of Glasgow-based Instrmnt Ltd is using the Brexit Support Grant to help with research and planning to ensure the company's continued success, both in the UK and internationally.

"We have been able to employ an intern to specifically help us negotiate uncertainties, making thorough preparations for the impact of Brexit."

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