Brexit factsheet: Wood packaging and ISPM 15 compliance

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, UK businesses will need to comply with ISPM 15 regulations on wood packaging imports to the EU. Check your packing company and suppliers are compliant.

In accordance with ISPM 15 regulations, the European Union require that wood packaging material may only be imported into the EU from ‘third countries’ if they meet the following conditions:

  • Heat treatment achieving temperature of 56ºC, for a minimum duration of 30 continuous minutes
  • Wood exceeding certain dimensions, material must be heated to achieve a minimum temperature of 60 °C for one continuous minute with entire coverage of the wood
  • Fumigated with methyl bromide and sulfuryl fluoride

Further guidance on EU wood packaging requirements 

ISPM 15 compliance and Brexit

From 1 January 2021 solid WPM must meet the ISPM 15 international standards if it is imported to the UK from any country, either to move goods or to supply businesses.

If you move WPM from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, your WPM must be ISPM 15 compliant. Checks will be carried out on a risk-targeted basis.

If you move wood packaging material from Northern Ireland to the EU, there will be no changes to WPM requirements.

If you use WPM to supply qualifying Northern Ireland goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain there will be no changes to WPM requirements.

WPM used to transport non-qualifying Northern Ireland goods must be treated and appropriately marked in compliance with international standards (ISPM 15).

ISPM 15 regulations were introduced to prevent the spread of beetles and other pests. These rules do not apply for trade between EU member states.

After the Brexit transition period UK businesses will need to comply with ISPM 15 regulations on wood packaging imports to the EU.

All timber packaging must be treated at source (by the UK exporter).

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What actions does your business need to take?

If your business uses a freight forwarder or packing company check with them that the wood packaging material is ISPM15 compliant. Ensure you receive assurances of compliance.

If your business undertakes its own packing check that the supplier of the wood packaging is ISPM15 compliant.

Membership of the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP) is a statutory requirement for producing ISPM15 certified packaging.

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