Step 2

Brexit checklist

New rules for businesses began on 1 January 2021 following the end of the EU transition periodYou should act now to prepare your organisation for these changes. The new UK/EU relationship is outlined in the Withdrawal Agreement and the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (the “deal”).  

The changes are significant and Scottish businesses must ensure that they are ready for the new operating environment. Economic prosperity and jobs remain important aims and familiarity with new processes and actions will now help to drive business success.

This checklist aims to assist in the understanding of the changes affecting Scotland’s businesses and will act as a guide to continuing the already strong relationship with valued European partners. The checklist is not exhaustive but captures the most relevant changes.

Preparing for change

Now that the UK/EU trade deal has been agreed, businesses should act immediately to identify what the shifts mean for their operations before making the changes to systems, processes, staffing and potentially business models. 

Here is a range of actions you should now be taking across ten areas of business operations.

Essential actions for Scottish businesses