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Brexit checklist to prepare for no deal

All businesses in Scotland should continue to actively prepare for a no-deal Brexit on 31 October 2019. It’s vital that your business acts now to be in the strongest position possible to adapt quickly and thrive.

Think your business won’t be affected? Think again.

EU legislation, regulation, funding programmes and trade agreements, created over the last 40+ years all currently govern business operations in Scotland. Therefore, a no-deal Brexit will impact all sizes of businesses in Scotland, across all sectors. 

Main Brexit impacts

Labour - Even if you don’t employ any EU workers, the availability and cost of local labour may change.

Tax, laws and regulation - It’s possible that under a no-deal scenario regulations under which your business operates may change.

Supply chain - Even if you’re not a direct importer or exporter, the chances are that many components and products you use originate in the EU.

Competition - Even if you only serve Scottish or UK markets, the competition your business faces now may change.

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Low-risk, low-cost actions you can take now

"We've already taken actions to prepare for Brexit including bulk buying glass bottles. We've also accelerated our expansion into canning facilities so we can adapt quickly to opportunities."

Hannah Fisher, co-founder, The Start-Up Drinks Lab

Got a Brexit planning question?

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