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How Flexible Technology is preparing for Brexit

Flexible Technology, established in 1980, is a specialist manufacturer of printed circuits. Its manufacturing plant, based on the Isle of Bute, was the first of its kind in Europe to be designed and built solely for making flexible circuits. The company supplies advanced flex and flex rigid circuits to high technology users worldwide for applications across space, air, land and under sea.

Securing the Brexit Support Grant will help towards: 

  • Maintaining supplier relationships and building trust
  • Reducing supply chain risk
  • Ensuring business continuity

What challenges does Flexible Technology face with Brexit uncertainty?

Faced with Brexit uncertainty, Flexible Technology is focused on protecting its business in Europe. The firm set out plans to communicate directly with its key customers and suppliers in the European Union to maintain trust in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

It aimed to carry out face-to-face visits to around 22 companies over a six to eight-week period. These 22 companies are spread over 5 countries in the EU, including Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and Sweden.

Given the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the timescales, Billy Shaw, the company’s operations manager said:

“The best we can do is to engage with the customer on a personal basis and give reassurance that we're prepared and will continue to provide the service they require.

“We’ll listen to their concerns, providing detailed feedback on how we will remove each of these,” Billy added.

The company also planned to discuss order schedules with its customers. And explore ways it could build in buffers at critical dates of the Brexit process. This would allow time for any export and logistical issues to be ironed out.

Reasons for applying for the grant

Flexible Technology wanted to offset the additional costs of protecting the business over and above the usual costs associated with serving foreign customers.

The grant helped towards completing the project within a shorter timescale than typical business budget constraints would allow.

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