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How Rivet Games is preparing for Brexit

Rivet Games is a team of passionate and talented artists and developers based in Stirling. It develops routes and models for train simulator products. The company created the iconic Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic Route: Erstfeld - Bellinzona for Train Simulator, sparking a new generation of game content.

Colin Macdonald, Commercial Director, Rivet Games

Building resilience

“With uncertainty around Brexit, we are keen to investigate and put in place new business partners and models in order to diversify our risks,” said Colin Macdonald, commercial director of Rivet Games. 

Securing the Brexit Support Grant will help towards: 

  • Scoping new market opportunities 
  • Financial consultancy fees 
  • Development of a direct sales platform 
  • Reducing currency exchange risk 

What challenges does Rivet Games face with Brexit uncertainty?

The products the Rivet team has made to date have been sold exclusively through a single third party. With Brexit uncertainty, the company now sees this as a direct risk to the business. Fluctuations in currency exchange may also indirectly inhibit total sales.

To mitigate these risks, Rivet Games wants to put in place new commercial trading partners. It also wants to start selling products direct to market in a way that consumers can purchase using their local currency.

Reasons for applying for the grant

“The Brexit Support Grant will enable us to fund international travel and consultancy around financial services, as well as the development of a direct sales platform,” said Colin.

“This will help us to mitigate any negative impacts of Brexit and maximise sales and currency opportunities as they arise.”

Business support from Scotland's enterprise agencies

The Business Support Grant will make a huge difference to Rivet Games to help it:

  • Fund two international trips to scope new markets and put in place new business partnerships
  • Get financial consultancy support to model after-Brexit cashflow, application of new trade tariffs, and impact of variable currency exchange rates
  • Get digital consultancy support to develop a direct sales platform through its website and/or other online platforms, so it can sell direct to end consumers in their currency of choice

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