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Financial support to prepare for Brexit

What is the Brexit Support Grant?

The Brexit Support Grant, funded by the Scottish Government, provides a minimum of £2,000 and a maximum of £4,000 to help small to medium-sized enterprises in Scotland manage a wide range of Brexit impacts.

Who can apply?

VAT registered small to medium-sized enterprises* (SMEs) based in Scotland (*Under 250 employees, and turnover less than 50 million Euros OR balance sheet less than 45 million Euros)

VAT exempt businesses which meet the SME criteria above.

One grant application per organisation.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used to:

  • Finance an activity that would otherwise not take place without the grant (and has not already started)
  • Finance an activity with a start date after we receive your signed contract confirming you accept the terms of the approved grant
  • Claim back costs of a project only if you can finance 100% of the project costs upfront

Here are the main types of activity the grant can be used for:

  • Brexit impact scenario planning
  • Additional professional services specifically in relation to Brexit issues, e.g.
    • Legal and contractual issues
    • Modelling cashflow
    • Modelling impact of changing customs/tariffs/VAT
    • Strengthening financial and currency management
  • Exploring supply chain issues and opportunities
  • Reviewing and optimising transport or logistics arrangements
  • Costs incurred in acquiring AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status
  • Human resource issues
  • Cost of (up to two employees) attending training courses relating to any of the above topics if your company is also undertaking complementary activity
  • Air travel from Scotland to international markets to react to supplier and/or customer issues directly relating to Brexit (two employees per company, per visit, economy fares and flat rate of £50 per person per night for accommodation)
  • Air travel within the UK if the company is in a remote location (e.g. the outlying Scottish islands) and/or if travel to the location of the eligible activity necessitates travel via a UK travel hub (two employees per company, per visit, economy fares and flat rate of £50 per night)

Eligible costs covered by the grant

To help your company respond to Brexit implications, the grant can be used for costs incurred for: 

  • Consultancy (not on payroll)
  • Professional fees – legal and financial (not on payroll)
  • Graduate placements (on payroll)
  • Interns (on payroll)
  • International market visits – travel and accommodation

What can't the grant be used for?

Costs not covered by the grant include:

  • Domestic travel (flights, trains, etc.)
  • Business expenses (e.g. meals)
  • The purchase of finished goods
  • Storage facilities or any other form of capital expenditure

How to apply

Download an application form (Word doc, 50kB)

Type your application and take time to use the checklist below to ensure all relevant information is included:

Application checklist

  1. Describe the project in full. Attach any specific information; for example: quotes, project plans or proposals from suppliers/contractors involved in the project’s delivery. Please ensure your suppliers provide you with a quotation NOT an invoice.
  2. Explain how the grant requested will help mitigate a 'Brexit implication' on your business
  3. List the public sector support you've received over the previous two company fiscal years and the current company fiscal year
  4. Confirm a Director, Authorised Signatory or Company Secretary of the company completes and signs the declaration
  5. Confirm that the applicant business is an SME - an SME has fewer than 250 employees, a turnover of less than €50m or a balance sheet of less than €45m and is an independent enterprise. (Independent enterprise: No more than 25% of the capital or voting rights are owned by one or more enterprises which fall outside the SME definition.)

Incomplete, or unsigned applications will delay the appraisal process. One grant application per organisation.

Sign, scan and return your completed application to us by email to

Got a question or need help filling in the form? Give us a call on 0300 303 0661 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm)


What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted your application form, we'll update you on progress within 7 working days.

We'll appraise your application alongside quotations or a development proposal from your supplier(s). If the appraisers require any further information, they will contact you directly.

If your application is successful we shall approve the grant to support your project, issue a contract and contact you directly to obtain bank details if we do not already hold them on our finance system.

We'll also contact you if your application is unsuccessful, and if possible, signpost you to other support that may be available to you.

Download an application form (Word doc, 50kB)