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How do I continue to manage my exports as Brexit approaches?

Being prepared for the possible outcomes of Brexit will help businesses to safeguard their export business.

Start planning

Focus on business

Murdo Beaton is an independent adviser who provides expertise on international trade.

He says, “The most important message to businesses at the moment is to keep their eye on their core business.

"As part of this, it's essential to plan for the changes that are coming, as Brexit will certainly mean that you have to make changes if you export to, or import from, the EU.”

Seek out export opportunities

The EU market is not going to disappear. In fact, "the EU will continue to be a vital destination for Scottish exports," explains Murdo. “However, it will demand additional procedures that make non- EU markets equally attractive. Those export opportunities are already there; it is now for UK exporters to pursue them.”

Plan for export changes

“We know that Brexit will mean that businesses will revisit many aspects of their operational compliance. There will be changes to consider across procedures and processes. There will also be changes to introduce into existing contracts and agreements with agents and distributors.”

Murdo is currently involved in delivering events with Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies to help companies assess the likely impact of Brexit. The planning events help businesses consider what to expect in some of the different potential Brexit scenarios.

Leaving the EU Customs Union

Regulations around exporting will be directly affected, whether there is a deal or no deal.

As part of Brexit, it's likely that the UK will leave the EU Customs Union. This will mean that trade with EU countries will broadly follow the same customs controls as trade with the rest of the world.

Companies will need to take practical steps to adapt or develop their procedures.

How do I prepare?

The following links offer some guidance on the things you'll need to consider:

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