Using Scotland's export hubs: Information for fish exporters

  • There are 3 Scottish hubs for goods movements and exports outside the UK: DFDS in Larkhall, Mesguen (UK) Ltd in Harthill and O’Toole Transport in Bellshill
  • Food Standards Scotland staff are responsible for signing EHCs at these specific hubs, following confirmation of compliance provided by the exporters’ relevant Local Authority

Catch Certificates

You must create a catch certificate to export a consignment of fish that has been landed by a UK flagged catching vessel into the UK to show that you’ve caught your fish legally.

A consignment is classed as all products going across the border at the same time. This will be required for movements from GB to Northern Ireland, GB to the EU and the UK to the rest of the world (excluding movements from Northern Ireland to the EU). If you’re exporting from GB to the EU, or moving fish from GB to Northern Ireland, any fish sourced from another country that has been stored in GB for 24 hours or longer, but not processed in any way, will need a storage document. You must keep a copy of the catch certificate from the original consignment with the storage document.

Useful contact details for the fish industry can be found on our helplines page.

Financial support 

The Scottish Government announced a new £7.75 million funding package to offer support to fishermen, seafood businesses and ports and harbours threatened by the ongoing effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) and EU Exit. Part of this funding is the £6.45 million Seafood Producers Resilience Fund which will support eligible shellfish catchers and producers, as well as trout farmers who have faced issues with exporting to the EU and have lost access to domestic food markets as a result of COVID-19. Applications must be received on or before 26 February. 

The UK Government's Seafood Disruption Support Scheme (SDSS) will support small or medium-sized businesses that have experienced a verifiable financial loss during the export of fresh or live fish and/or shellfish to the single market between 1 and 31 January 2021.