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How will Brexit impact your supply chain?

Securing your supply chain 

Are you worried about the impact of Brexit on European suppliers in your supply chain? Finding Scottish and UK suppliers could help reduce risk exposure. Know your supply chain options before the end of the Brexit transition period and plan with our help.

Supply chain mapping - what is it and how can it help?

This is a straightforward exercise to help identify risk points in your supply chain. The map helps you see how complex it is and can be used as a starting point for discussions with your teams. They can look at the map and highlight any areas they see as having potential supply chain risks.   

It's essential to involve the right people in this activity. For example, you might want to include supply chain managers, buyers, warehouse staff, technical staff and finance staff. 

Once you have assessed the risks, they should be prioritised and courses of action agreed upon. 

If you need help with supply chain mapping advice, contact the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS). 

Finding alternative suppliers

Finding and engaging an alternate supplier can seem like a daunting, complicated task. However, when the task is split up into smaller “bite sized” activities, you can put them into a logical sequence. This is much easier to follow. 

If you would like further guidance on how to find the right supplier for your business, please contact the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS). 

Visit the Scottish Enterprise website to access a directory by sector, to help you identify and assess alternative suppliers. 

Free research service to help you find suppliers

Our market research team is on hand to answer your supply chain questions.