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How will Brexit impact your supply chain?

How resilient is your business to supply chain disruption?

Do you have European suppliers in your supply chain? Worried about the impact of Brexit on your supply chain? 

Know your supply chain options and plan ahead with our help. Perhaps finding alternative Scottish suppliers could help alleviate your worries.

First thing first, it is important to understand the parts of your supply chain which might be impacted by Brexit.

So, how can a business set about trying to understand its supply chain exposure to Brexit?

Supply chain mapping

Supply chain mapping is a straight forward and visual activity that can really help. It's essential to involve the right people in this activity. For example, you might want to include supply chain managers, buyers, warehouse staff, technical staff and finance staff.

The purpose of the map is to help visualise the complexity of a supply chain and use the teams’ technical expertise to identify potential risk points.

If supply chain mapping is a new concept and you'd like further advice, contact the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS).

How can it help my business?

Supply chain mapping will help to identify risk points in your supply chain. These risks should be prioritised and courses of action agreed upon.

One course of action may be to identify an alternative supplier based in Scotland or the UK. Use the following links to conduct your own search or speak to our research team who can conduct a search for you.

Supplier directories

The following links can be used to help you identify and assess alternative suppliers ahead of Brexit.

The sources below can provide an accurate and up-to-date list of options if you are considering the re-localisation of your supply chain.

Filter by sector

Ask for help

Need further help? Contact the research team by completing the from below. Give us details of your industry and the types of supplier you’re looking for. We’ll search a range of web and subscription databases to help you find the suppliers you need.

If you’d like to speak one-to-one with a member of the team, just let us know a good time to call you back.

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