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How has Brexit impacted your supply chain?

A trade deal between the EU and the UK has been agreed and there are key actions you can take now to ensure your business and supply chain can adapt to the changing business environment:

  • Map your supply chain to assess risks and opportunities 
  • Find alternative suppliers with the help of the Research Service 

Map your Supply Chain 

Supply chain mapping is a straightforward exercise to help identify potential risk points. The map helps to identify the complexity of your supply chain and can be used as a starting point for discussions with your teams, as well as with your suppliers. 

It is essential to involve the right people in these conversations. You might want to include supply chain managers, buyers, warehouse staff, technical staff and finance staff. Once you have assessed the risks, those risks should be prioritised, and courses of action agreed upon.  

If you need further help or advice on supply chain mapping, contact the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) 

Find alternative suppliers 

Your supply chain map may have highlighted the need to re-shore a supplier to Scotland or the UK, either to mitigate trade risks or to take advantage of new opportunities.   

Finding a new supplier can seem like a daunting task, but the Research Service has collated a directory of suppliers by sector which can be accessed on the Scottish Enterprise website 

If you can’t see what you’re looking for on the directory, you can contact the team directly. With access to a range of company databases, the Research Service can provide you with a list of candidates to consider. Once you have selected a potential new supplier, they can also provide a company profile, credit report and background media check. 

Fill in the contact form below to get in touch with the Research Service. Make sure to note the sector that you’re interested in as well as any other information that might be helpful. You can also request a call-back from one of the researchers who will be happy to answer any questions.  

Free research service to help you find suppliers

Our market research team is on hand to answer your supply chain questions.