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What will Brexit mean for sectors?

All sectors in Scotland will be impacted, some more than others

Under a no-deal scenario, UK regulations will be introduced to replace EU regulations and changes may take place, including the need for businesses to obtain new regulatory authorisations. This could affect issues such as the assessment and certification of products/services as well as packaging and labelling.

Read EY's sector impact analysis report, commissioned by the Scottish Government 

Issues differ from sector to sector and by country, so check UK Government guidance or with your trade body using the following links:

Find Brexit guidance by country and sector

Hannah Fisher, co-founder of The Start-Up Drinks Lab

Hannah Fisher, co-founder of The Start-Up Drinks Lab is building resilience in the business early to ensure supply chain continuity

"We've already taken actions to prepare for Brexit including bulk buying glass bottles. We've also accelerated our expansion into canning facilities so we can adapt quickly to opportunities."
Colin Macdonald, Commercial Director, Rivet Games

Colin Macdonald, commercial director of Rivet Games is using the Brexit Support Grant to get consultancy support his company needs

"With uncertainty around Brexit, we are keen to investigate and establish new business partners and models in order to diversify our risks."
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